The category is "Andy Garcia"

Pc2220421Have I mentioned how we are serious game players?


We love any kind of game, really, but trivia games are our special favorites.

Lucy got a fabulous Electronic Catch Phrase game for Christmas and we've already chewed through a pair of double-A's.


We have a family reputation as serious game players, too.  And a lot of the time my brain seems to be as slow as molasses and I cannot think clearly at all, but sometimes I have moments.

Take, for example the following true story:

The phone rings and it's one of Adam's 22 year old friends and he wants to talk to me. . .

Me: "Hello?"

Young Man: "Drew Barrymore."

Me:  "Drew Barrymore was in Riding in Cars with Boys with Steve Zahn, who was in That Thing You Do with Tom Hanks, who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon (taking a deep breath before I continue) . . .  and Kevin Bacon was in The Air I Breathe with Andy Garcia, and I only mention that because I have a blog category for Andy Garcia, and I think this is a really funny moment and I want to blog about it, and by mentioning Andy Garcia this gives me a category to put this conversation into, but that's not important right now." =D

Young Man: "Wow. You ROCK!"

Sometimes I seriously do.  ;-)