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Picture this:
It's a super hot summer day and you're craving something sweet and icy cold, that is both filling and refreshing.
And you're getting a little nostalgic for the nearly perfect summer days of your island youth.
And you're 3,000 miles from the nearest Palacio De Los Jugos.
There's only one answer for this little dilemma:

Un Batido de Mamey
(a sort of Cuban smoothie made with the pulp of the mamey fruit which is not typically found in the U.S.except for in Hispanic markets - in the frozen food section - and is hard to explain, but just trust me when I tell you that it's a truly fabulous taste treat.)

Batido de Mamey 2


You can find my recipe today at Babalu Blog. While you're at it you can find My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook here.
I know that was a shameless plug, but it was pretty smooth too, don't you agree? ;-)

A celebration of Cu...
By Marta M. Darby