You have my permission...

This is for my niece, Nicole and her new husband, Isaac, who have been BUSY this last month. 

(It's not like she had an old husband or anything, I mean that he is new to her, as in they are newlyweds, or freshly married, or....oh, you know what I mean....)

Here's some wordle word art I made for you:

Nikki Isaac bday wordart006
Nik & isaac
These two have had an awfully busy month...

Congratulations on your wedding, you two!
Happy Birthday, Isaac!
Happy Birthday, Nikki!
Hope you're enjoying your new apartment.

That is all.

Phew! You guys must be exhausted! 

All the stuff you've been doing rates pretty high up there on the major-life-event-stress-scale, so I'm giving you permission to take the rest of the year off to recover.  (I have no actual power to do this, but that's not important right now.)  =D

Aunt Marti