Yield not to temptation. A cautionary tale.

So, Lucy and I are out shopping.
And we get to our favorite store and we find this sign in the parking lot:


How exactly does this work??

It stops me cold. Every. Single. Time.

Seriously.  My synapses are on warp-speed.  Is this really for real?

So we walk a little further.

Ah! The Perimeter!  (ignore it....)
Target 2

I'd be lying if I told you this wasn't incredibly tempting.  My imagination is so completely captured by the whole locking shopping cart concept that I feel a bit crazed.

However, since I spend most of my shopping hours in this store....

Target 3

I'd hate to find out the hard way that the whole "secure shopping cart perimeter" thing was not some elaborate corporate joke. 

Still, I can't help it.  I makes me crazy and I'm completely driven to distraction.

Me (staring blindly up at the sign): "I can't remember what we came here for."

Lucy: "Well... I know we didn't come to test the boundaries of the Shopping Cart Perimeter."

Quick review: I'm supposed to be the responsible one here, right?  She knows me so well.....  ;-)