Let's talk about "pressure"

1533540039_8fd8a9d8a6Isn't that a beautiful Pulpeta?? (Cuban "meatloaf" - although I'd just like to reiterate that it is nothing like American meatloaf and we just use the word "meatloaf" as a point of reference. There. I feel better now.)

No. I didn't make it. (And yes, I totally admit it's much prettier than mine, but that's not important right now.)

I got a sweet email with photos from (hungry) Babalú reader, Claude, who talked his lovely wife, Cindy (who will henceforth be known as The Amazing Pulpeta Cook) into making it.  ;-)

"Last night we had Pulpeta and it was a hit, my two daughters loved it and it was much better than just regular meatloaf*. Thank you for posting it and please keep those recipes coming."

(*See?? I'm not the only one who thinks so! =D)

Did you catch what he said there at the end?  "...and please keep those recipes coming."

You know, I'd really hate for people to be going hungry on my account, sooo . . .

You'll find my recipe for Cuban Fritas** over at Babalú today.

** They're like Cuban-style mini-burgers or "sliders" (think White Castle if you're on the Right Coast, or Ruby's if you're on the Left Coast)  but they're really not burgers, per se and I just use the word "slider" as a point of reference. . . oh, you know what I mean!

Go.  Make them.  Send me pictures.  Ask for more.  I can do it. I can take the pressure. Bring it on!  ;-)

Pa1092022_2[NOTE to the Betancourts:
You ROCK!! =D ]