Yes, that's Andy Garcia in our family home movie. =D

Pc151819It's a week before Christmas and I find this taped to my studio door.  What on earth. . .?

Oh yes, it's crunch time.

You see we (Amy, Lucy and I) make a Christmas film every year.  We take all our home movies and set them to music and cut the clips together and give it a fun title and ta-da! it becomes a family keepsake.  Okay, so the process is a bit more complicated than that.

The movie making branch of our family is Cucufate Pictures. (it's just us, but it sounds cool, doesn't it?)  And really Amy is the glue that holds this movie crew together.  She's just amazing at taking home movies and turning them into a thing of beauty.  Lucy is her loyal sidekick hero support.  I just try to push my weight around and get them to employ my suggestions - for that they let me call myself the Director. (I like that. It makes me sound taller, somehow. . .)

Pc131773 We're in full Christmas video making mode now.  Yes, we're ready for Christmas otherwise, but we Must. Have. The. Video.  The rest of my big fat Cuban family is expecting it and we don't want to disappoint.

So the girls have been working feverishly on this year's production and it's going to be amazing (as usual).

I thought it would be fun to add a few of the segments to my blog this week for your holiday blog viewing pleasure.  (and so you can ooh and aah about how talented my girls are and how fun my family is. =D)

Amy cut together this sweet piece showing the men in our family at various ages and the title of the home movie they appeared in.  It's just an extra added bonus that Andy Garcia just happens to be a part of this clip. (Yes, I had to lean on her a little.  You'll find that under my job description as The Director. ;-)