Writer's Block

I guess it happens to the best and most seasoned writers. You wake up and sit staring at the blank page on your computer screen and.....nothing.

I think it would be much more dramatic for this moment to happen in front of a typewriter with a blank piece of paper (maybe in sepia tones). But I know it happens either way. It's the equivalent of getting tongue-tied. I have lots of photos. I have lots of stories. I am in the process of editing some videos. I have sponsors who are anxious for me to post some of their content and bring you some fun giveaways.

But I don't seem to have any words.

So I look around my home for inspiration and this is what it has to offer:

Luza & the cats

My mom is at the table, reading her Bible. Poseidon and Nefret have commandeered the red armchair. And hey, at least the towels are clean and folded, right? ;-)


My guayabas are flourishing. I fantasize for a moment that they'll one day grow up to be fruit bearing trees and I'll be up to my eyeballs in ripe guavas, but sadly, today is not that day. Eric is working on a small wood project and there is less mess if he does the sanding by the back wall.

Coffee plants

I'm still wandering around outside, hoping for inspiration to hit. Look! My coffee plants are beautiful and thriving. We got them as a gift from friends when they were about 4 inches tall. The now 4 foot plants feel like quite an accomplishment, but that's pretty much all I have to say about that. (Oh no! I'm starting to sound like Forrest Gump now.)

Jonathan xbox

Jonathan has completed his school work for the week and is playing with his X-box.

Purple geraniums

My purple geraniums are blooming and they make me totally happy.

But none of this activity in and around my home has given me any words.

So I head over to Pinterest to see if I can find inspiration. I find this inspiring quote from Steve Martin:


And I have to fight the urge to spend the next hour surfing for inspiration on Pinterest and now I have to fold some more laundry, but I remember that I should tell you to follow me on Pinterest, but that's not important right now.

So I remain uninspired and wordless, but the promise of guayabas someday makes me think of guava pastries, which makes me remember that I have some guava paste in the cupboard and pastry dough in the freezer.

So I think I'm going to just embrace the writer's block and drown my sorrows in a little café and some homemade guava pastries.

Tomorrow is another day. ;-)