We're all in this together


The show opens this week. The director is working out the final kinks.  The kids are READY. The one in the hat, 2nd from the left is my Jonathan, who will be playing Ryan (the theater geek) in their production of High School Musical.  They've been rehearsing since September and the curtain goes up on Thursday night.

I am doing what I do best: designing and sewing costumes.


What's so cool about this whole production is that all the other parents are doing what they do best too.  So the sets are amazing thanks to the sweat equity of the set construction dads.  And the kids all hit their cues thanks to the moms who are working backstage.  And the backgrounds are incredible thanks to the artistic talents of the moms who painted the sets.  There are programs and props and makeup and refreshments and ticket sales all coordinated by the incredible parent volunteers.

Okay, I know that just about every school production couldn't be done without parent volunteers, but what's amazing about this particular group is that they do all this while continuing to educate their own kids.  And not just the ones in the production, but sometimes two or three or more other kids of varying ages.  It's not nothing.  I am humbled to be numbered among this formidable group. 

I am so inspired by them. And challenged.  And proud.  And tired.  Fifty-uniforms-for-two-casts-worth-of-basketball jocks-brainiacs-and-cheerleaders worth of tired.

But when the show opens we'll all be glad for the effort we put into it. And I'll be really proud. Fifty-uniforms-for-two-casts-worth-of-basketball jocks-brainiacs-and-cheerleaders worth of proud. =D