Why it's so fun to be me . . .


I don't ever decorate for Christmas any time before December (it's like a mortal sin to me, which won't really make any sense unless you were ever Catholic, but that's not important right now). 

I usually put up my tree around the second week of December and mail my cards after the 15th.  But I have to confess. . .

I do shop early.  Mostly for cool stocking stuffers, but for other gifts too.

It's not that I'm particularly organized or anything, it's just that every now and then I'll see stuff that I think my kids or friends would like and I go ahead and get it. 

Here's the part where it gets really fun for me:
I go pull out the bags of stuff I've gotten weeks ago and it's like I'm seeing it all for the first time. 

"Wow! That's so cool!  What a great gift! They're going to love this!" 

"I suffer from short term memory loss. 
It runs in my family…
At least I think it does…"

~ Dory from Finding Nemo

(I should so not be blogging about this.)  ;-)