Why I * heart* Amazon

My family and I are all voracious bibliophiles. 


Personally, I don't care either way if the book is the old-school paper kind or a good e-book. I love to read. Full stop.

I have been loving the free Kindle for iPad app because I can store dozens of books on my iPad and make notes and add highlights and do all the things I like to do when I'm reading a wonderfully informational or entertaining volume. 

But sadly, my iPad with its digital screen is all but impossible to read in full sunshine.

I spend a lot of time in full sunshine. And I'm just spoiled enough now that I resent carrying big, heavy books to the beach, but that's not important right now.

So, Eric got me an Amazon Kindle (with built in Wi-Fi, thankyouverymuch).

It has an honest-to-goodness-reads-like-real-paper display. And it has been my best and most reliable Beach Buddy all summer.

Kindle on the beach

But somehow, this past week when we were cruising, I must have dropped it or something, because suddenly my beautiful I-swear-it's-just-like-real-pages-in-a-real-book Kindle began looking more like an Etch-a-Sketch.

*insert really sad face here*

Broken Kindle

So I called Amazon.com customer service and told them about my new Etch-a-Sketchy Kindle and the great sadness it has caused me and inquired as to how would I go about replacing it.

"We'll send out a new one today and you just mail back the damaged one."

What? They actually said this. *hand on heart*

This conversation took place on Tuesday morning.

My new Kindle arrived on Wednesday morning. Shut. UP.

New Kindle

That's what I call customer service!

So, I'm giving an unsolicited shout out to Amazon.com as a big, fat, Cuban GRACIAS. 

I'm taking extra good care of my new Kindle with its I-swear-it's-exactly-like-real-paper-no-glare screen.

Because now it looks like they're starting to keep score. ;-)

Marta's Kindle

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Amazon. You so seriously ROCK! 

Do you have a Kindle? Do you love it as much as I love mine? Tell me.