Who's Who?

The other day, Eric (my husband) and Jonathan (my 14 year old) were going to our local YMCA to go play racquetball. (P.E. in our homeschool usually means a trip to the Y, but that's not important right now.)

They came downstairs and got their racquets. I was aware of their presence, but was into what I was reading, so I just caught a glimpse of Eric (or so I thought) out of the corner of my eye and proceeded to ask him to remember to pick up something for me after they finished their game.

As is usual for anyone when there is an intimate and casual familiarity with someone, I didn't even bother to glance up from my book when I spoke to him.

And then.....


It was Jonathan. Not Eric. HUH??

Before you judge me for not realizing it was my teenage son and not my husband, please allow me to present Exhibit A:



So let's hear your best guesses....Who's who? ;-)