Who should be thanking whom?

In our Cuban culture and our family specifically, Mother's Day is like a High Holy Day.

For the most part, we revere our mothers to the point of veneration. This is an important day for the family to be together. Mothers, after all, are the backbone of the family.

And yet, as my own children came along, I never thought of Mother's Day as "my" holiday. I seriously always think that I'm so grateful to them (my kids) for giving me the chance to embrace this vocation that I so love. It is I who should be thanking them.

What greater gift can there be than bringing someone into the world and then getting to have a hand in their upbringing? That's partnering with God in the very greatest sense. What a privilege.

So, to the four people in this world who call me Mami, Mom, Mamacita, or Mo-o-o-om (depending on their need):

Thank you.

2003 xmas picture
The Darbys. December 2003