Where else would a Cuban be on Mother's Day?

Happy Mother's Day! We began our day with a visit to Arlington Cemetery and some of the kids in our group (congratulations, Jessica!) got to participate in the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.So I'm moved and emotional and in a fragile and contemplative mood as we slowly walk back to our tour bus. There are many cars making their way in and out of the cemetery. Oh! It's Sunday and it's Mother's Day! One of the cars slows down and the driver shouts: "Hey, Marti! My big, fat, Cuban family!" What?? Huh? Then she yells. "Hi Eric!" He reacted quicker, "What's your name?" It sounded like "Danette." I blew her a kiss and off she drove. Isn't that awesome in its serendipitousness? (is that a word?) So to my astute reader, Dannette (?)...please either leave a comment or write to me and tell me how you happened to be at Arlington Cemetery on Mother's Day. I bet THAT'S a story! Oh...and thanks for noticing me. =D0510091024.jpg

UPDATE: The lovely and uber-perceptive Danette (one N. two T's) Rodriguez graced me with the following response:

Dear Marti,

You have no idea how NOT surprised I was to see you and your family. It may sound weird but as I drove through the gate, I wondered if you all would be visiting the cemetery. And there you were. Serendipity, indeed.

My name is Danette Rodriguez. I hail from Columbia, MD pero mis padres nacieron en La Isla del Encanto, mi Puerto Rico.

Here’s the story of how I came to be driving into the cemetery on Mother’s Day. My grandparents (los dos de Ponce) both have the incredible honor of resting at Arlington. My grandfather served in the USAF, retiring Lt. Colonel in the early sixties after having served during peace and two wars. Meanwhile, back home my grandmother kept the home fires burning while taking care of 3 kids on military pay. From the day I was born until the day she died, my grandmother and I were thicker than thieves. She worried that once she died, no one would visit her at the cemetery. I promised her that I would. So now I do. I also try to visit her on our birthdays and the anniversary of her death.

She did so much for me throughout my life (including helping me buy a house). She was mi abuelita rosada. Pink was her favorite color. Visiting her is mere pennies on the principal.

I enjoy reading about your family so much. You are just lovely. I wish you all blessings and happiness.


Thanks, Danette for sharing about your amazing grandparents. I'm so impressed that you have kept your commitment to honor their memory. (Doubly impressed that you recognized me in the crowd of people leaving the grounds. Wow. Que vista!) You totally made my day!