What's the story, Morning Glory?

P4193175This is my savage looking garden.
I have not yet trimmed back the daisies. I just can't bear to.

But it is the morning glories which are proving the most insidious.

Right there in the center, with their trumpeting purple faces. They seem so innocent and so beautiful.

But the truth is much more sinister.

P4193177 Here they are sneaking over the back wall.

And on over to my neighbor's garden. He doesn't seem to mind them. They look so sweet, smiling their we're-just-here-to-cheer-you purple smiles.

But when I looked over the wall. . .

I could see that they had taken over the entire hillside behind our home.

And it reminded me of the book Jurassic Park. (quite a leap, isn't it?) But let me explain . .

The mathematician, Ian Malcolm, the expert in "chaos theory" explains why the dinosaurs have gotten loose with the following statement:

"Life finds a way."

And so it does. And I have to admire their tenacity.

I just hope the City of Mission Viejo sees the existential lesson in this, too. ;-)