What's your "turron" of choice?

There are some things that are unique to my Cuban culture that I take for granted. Particularly at Christmastime.

Like most people and most other cultures, there are things we grew up with that seem normal.  But outside of our cultural context are just plain weird.

Let's take TURRONES for example. (Pronounced TOO-RON-EHS.  Well, sort of...)

See?  Already my non-Cuban readers are saying "Huh? What the heck?"  (they're probably asking other questions, but this is a family blog. =D)

It's a sort of nougat-like, umm..., candy-ish, sweet.... with nuts....or not....made with egg yolks.... or almonds... and... *sigh*   Impossible to explain!

My mom and I went to the local mercado (which is technically a little Mexican market that stocks all kinds of products by Goya, but that's not important right now) where I shop for the stuff I need to support my guava and mojo criollo habit. ;-)

And there it was.  An entire shelf dedicated to the turrones.  And of course, we all know that you must have the turrones for the traditional Cuban Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) Celebration.

After we stuff ourselves with lechón, there is dessert.  And part of the traditional Noche Buena dessert set up is a mix of turrones.

And everyone has their favorites.  In fact, we can get quite passionate (Cubans, being passionate?? Shut up. =D) about our turron of choice.

So, for those of you who can identify...

Which is your favorite turron?

  • Yema?
  • Jijona?
  • Alicante?
  • Or do you go straight for the marzipan?

For you Cuban-Americans living in places where turrones are hard to come by.... Most varieties are available here.

Me? I'm a Yema girl myself. (But I'll deny it if you tell anybody. =D)