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Sometimes I'm really aware of where my creative leanings come from.  I see a picture in a magazine, I notice the colors in a room, or I hear a song on the radio, all of which get me thinking and then sketching and then I find myself pushing to create something. 
So, here comes Thanksgiving and I'm not feeling particularly creative when bwammo! I think . . . how cool would it be to use real apples as placecard holders?  This epiphany came to me seemingly from thin air.  I was ecstatic!  I got that familiar creative rush and I was feeling all superior.  I would design some fall placecards, and slice each apple to insert the card.  What could be better?
That was the simple, yet creative touch my tables needed.
What do you think? (cute, huh?)

Totally simple, warm, welcoming.  The trifecta of table decorating perfection!

And it just came to me out of the blue!  I so rock!  (serious "sandpapering" going on here. =D)

Okay, so let's fast forward to The Day After.  A few of the guests (the under 7 crowd) actually ate their apples, which was just great, but we still had at least thirty slightly wounded apples.  What to do??
Then I remembered that when we were in Vegas just a few days ago (and had access to television programming) I tuned in to (what else?) The Food Network and there was Paula Deen (thanks, Ali!) making a perfect Crunch Top Apple Pie.
At the time I remember thinking that apples were in season and I should so get a few dozen and make some pies. 
Hmmm . . . and now I have the apples. . . and now I also have humility.   I saw Paula making apple pie and obviously that was the genesis of my creative thought. 

It's just like Solomon (who incidentally was the wisest man who ever lived) said in the Bible:

What has been will be again,
       what has been done will be done again;
       there is
nothing new under the sun.    ~Ecclesiastes 1:9

Nothing new under the sun!  I am feeling so vulnerable now. (sigh) 
But tell me the apples were cute!!! Maybe admittedly not original, but soo cute.  (They totally were, weren't they? =D)

I'm just going to go make the pies. 
And offer them to my long-suffering husband who has to endure my faux-superiority. (sigh) ;-)