What I know

P3011836I make them take this same picture with me over and over.

Every single time we go to Disneyland.
And we go a lot.

The beauty is that they do it.
Every time.
For me.

My girls are pretty easy.
They love being on both sides of the camera.

The boys, however, take some coaxing.

I know that the things that I insist on documenting now will be meaningful to them later in life.  But I never say that. They think they are just indulging another of mom's silly whims.

I know that going to the park as much as we do, their Disneyland memories will all kind of blur together. But I also know that they will treasure these times. I know they will joke - "remember how mom always insisted on taking the Mickey face picture?" And I know they will share that sibling "inside joke" moment. 

But they don't know that I know all this.  And I will continue to play dumb. And insist on taking the picture. And I will know that what I'm really doing. . .  is making a memory.

And for that, I don't mind getting a little goofy. =D