What to pack for a Guilt Trip

I have to confess I've been feeling guilty.
Guilty in that really deliciously tragic Cuban-martyr way.
I haven't spent much time with my mom and visiting aunt. (Say it ain't so!!!)

Because . . .
I've only been shuttling my cousin and her husband All Over Southern California.
And homeschooling my kids.
And cooking gourmet meals.
And running my business.
And designing costumes.
And writing.
And remodeling my studio.
And keeping my household running.
And blogging.
And scrapbooking.
And preparing for Thanksgiving at my house.

See how convoluted the guilt thing is?  Yes. I have been amazingly busy.  But I am still finding the time to feel guilty about everything I haven't done.  (Sick and twisted. I know.)  I think this is a peculiarly Cuban guilt trip and I have got my bags packed and passport in hand! =D

So, because I can't stand the guilt a moment longer, I dutifully go visit my mom and aunt and this is what I find:




They've been having the time of their lives and I don't think they were even aware of my presence!!

Great!  Now I have self-esteem issues!   ;-)