What I have in common with royalty

Background for the following:
My mom's been reading a book on French, English, and Spanish monarchs.

The other day she gave me this card with some apparently random information that she had painstakingly copied:

Card from Luza

Written inside in her own curly scroll is the following:

Card from Luza inside

It reads:

"Kings who were sincerely loved by their people:
Luis IX - educated by his mother, Blanca de Castilla.
Luis XII - educated by his mother, Maria de Cleves.
Enrique IV - educated by his mother, Juana de Albret."

She didn't sign it or anything. But she did take the time to write it out and hand it to me.

I think it's her way of saying that she approves of me homeschooling my kids and that maybe she's proud of me and thinks I'm doing a good job?

It still chokes me up.