What about my needs??

Mountains (not kidding here!) of post-vacation laundry are done, folded, and put away.
The kids are at the movies with friends, which means that the house is blissfully quiet.
My to-do list has all tasks neatly and very satisfyingly crossed off. (Ahhh!)
I do have two more weeks of final school stuff coming up plus plans for a recipe I'll be trying out later this week.

So, I'm kind of in need of some personal refreshment, which means I. Must. Do. Something. Creative.

I have Beny telling me "Como Fue" on iTunes, and Photoshop Elements 6 humming along, and I'm feeling pretty creative and clever and beginning to feel positively refreshed. (and relieved to have finally caught up on my assignments for my digital scrapbooking class, but that's not important right now....)

Here are the creative fruits of today's labor:


Finished this one late in the day:
This last layout has a long (and nicely complicated) story attached to it. I think I'll save it for another blog post. ;-)

Thanks for letting me share. Now I can return to my regularly (OVER) scheduled Life. =D

NOTE: Online Digital Scrapbooking class is taught by the lovely and talented Jessica Sprague.