We're ba-a-ck!

Pb049967Yes.  I realize we were just here umm... about ten days ago.

And yet, here we are again.
Yes.  We got to drive through the Mojave Desert once again.  (I know you're jealous. =D)



Billy Joel.
One night only.
MGM Grand.

Yes. I know I told you that Eric was taking Lucy to that concert, but seriously, do you think I would be crazy enough to pass up another trip to Vegas??  ( My dad used to always say that if I heard a car door slam, I had my bags packed. =D)

So, Jonathan and I are tagging along.

Well, confidentially, I've made plans for us, too.

We're going to go see this show.  It's a surprise for my soon-to-be twelve year old who is currently completely obsessed with the movie and the music from the show.   I blame Amy.  She decided he needed to be much more cultured than his goofball friends.  Apparently it worked.  (I'm NOT complaining. In fact I'm completely delighted! =D)

And when we're not at the shows? 
We'll be studying the engineering dynamics of the resort's lazy river.  ;-)