Wedding vows. Graceland. Elvis. SWEET!

At the end of July, my niece Helen and her husband, Daryl celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows. (I know. Awwww....totally sweet, right?)

The blushing bride....


Of course, after ten years there are two adorable children in the mix.

The lovely Miss Daisy....


And the Grand Poobah of Cuteness himself, Mr. Ben....


Having a vow renewal on their 10th anniversary... totally cool.

Having their adorable kids in the "wedding party"... totally endearing.

Having the event at the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas ... totally inspired!


Having Elvis officiate...totally PRICELESS.


Of course, as many of the family as could be there were in attendance. "Vegas? Count me in!"


(Except for my mom. She couldn't attend. Not because she is 95(!), but because she's still partying it up in Miami for the summer, but that's not important right now.)

The reception/party was held at the Burger Joint at the Flamingo Hilton. 


Fabulously Old School, right?


He promised to "Love Her Tender." She vowed that he would always be her "Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love." (notice that that's what Ben's shirt says...)


Plus it was a totally fun Vegas weekend with my big, fat, Cuban family. 

I was waiting to write about it til we got the group photo back from the Graceland people with all of us and Elvis, but that hasn't happened and's already time to go back. (What??)


We're returning to Las Vegas today. (I'll probably be on the road as you read this in the morning, but that's not important right now either.)

My sister, Miriam is celebrating her 60th birthday tonight. Can't wait!


We're having a fabulous family dinner at Caesar's Palace. Eric is stuck in work projects, so I'm taking Amy (my cubiche for these things.)

So if you're in Vegas this weekend, stop on by. We'll be the noisy Cubans winning big at the roulette tables, singing "La Bayamesa!"  =D

I'm feeling lucky and this weekend looks totally promising..... =D

You know the drill....

"What happens in just fodder for the blog." ;-)

BTW, I made some pastelitos de guayaba to deliver to my friend Desi on the way out there. I know. Shut up.

(This is gonna be a blast!)