We are fa-mi-ly . . .

P5134032I am the youngest of six.

We are five daughters.


With five strong and sometimes (many times) opposing opinions. Which is totally fitting for Cuban women.

I have a brother who lives in Texas  (I sometimes wonder if he didn't move so far away because he got a little tired of living with so many Cuban women, but then he has a Cuban wife, but that's not important right now. =D) but my sisters all live nearby.

My big sisters.
Which makes me The Baby.

Always The Baby.
No matter what I do or how old I get, I can't shake that.
It's always a part of my familial identity.
I am and will always be their Little Sister.

My sisters are all talented, beautiful, amazing and strong.
They are all wonderful cooks, too. (no surprise there!)
But we have roles that we play in the family unit that cannot be deviated from.

So here is how our Thanksgiving division of labor works:
The two oldest, Ofelia and Helen (back right) will do all the cooking.  Alina (in blue, bottom right) will bake the desserts.  Miriam (far left) who lives in the high desert and has to travel the furthest, brings drinks.  I get to send invitations, open my home, set tables and host.  I won't be called upon to do any of the cooking because that is the job of the two eldest. 

Sometimes I want to protest:  "Yes, but. . ." 


That is how it's always been. That is how it always will be.

Because I am:

  • The Baby
  • The Artistic One
  • The Little Sister
  • The Family Entertainment Unit (=D)

No matter what I am capable of in any other part of my life, or what my apron says!   ;-)


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But, shh!  Don't tell Ofie & Helen I've been doing the cooking.  ;-)