A date with Dad

P91784451_2WARNING: Some serious bragging ahead! =D

She taught herself to play. She was playing so well, that we finally got a piano teacher to help hone her skills.
And she practices everyday.
Without me having to remind her.

I take NO credit for this kind of discipline.
Because I am the messy, flaky kind of artist. ;-)

I really need to just sit down one day and interview her and find out what compels her.
Maybe she could teach me a thing or two.

I know she's my daughter, but I am genuinely impressed with her commitment to excellence in everything she does.

So it stands to reason that as homeschooling parents, we are happy to invest in this amazing person who is so dedicated to learning and mastering her craft.

Wellington Antique Upright Piano: $8500.

Piano lessons: $120 a month.

The look on her face when Dad told her he was taking her to go see Billy Joel - The Piano Man: