Voices from Mariel - a Giveaway

I'm often amazed at how little people here seem to know about the waves of Cuban immigrants refugees to this country.

The older folks seem to remember that in the early 60's there were some displaced Cuban children that needed homes. This they only know if one of the children ended up in their neighborhood. I'm referring, of course, to the Pedro Pan Flights, where 14,000 unaccompanied minors were sent to the U.S. by their terrified parents, hoping to save them from communism. They did. At great personal sacrifice. Read that story here.

But there are other stories. Some very dramatic, some with happy endings. As I start thinking about it, I realize that just about every Cuban has a "Cuando Sali de Cuba" story to tell.

The beautiful dvd Voices from Mariel tells the stories of those that left on the Mariel Boat Lift in 1980. They tell their stories. 125,000 Cubans were displaced. Their exodus was much different from ours (the first group), but super dramatic. And no, just because someone came to the U.S. via Mariel doesn't make them a felon. (You've watched Scarface a few too many times, but that's not important right now!)

I have a beautiful DVD that tells that story. It's called Voices from Mariel and it's just beautiful and oh so honest. So today's giveaway is a copy of Voices from Mariel.

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment and tell me your coming to America story.

  • Start off with....Cuando sali de Cuba.... tell me about your travels and how you found things in this country.
  • If you send it by email and with photos, I'll be happy to post it here, with your permission.
  • In fact, I think everyone should write down their story and share it. I'd love to give you a platform here.

Voices from Mariel

Please leave me a comment, here on this post and tell me 1) how and when your family left Cuba. (No matter the time.) 2) Tell me details you remember. 3) Send me photos. I want to know it all.

In turn, by leaving a comment or sending an email with story and photos, I will put your name into the drawing for the Voices of Mariel Boatlift DVD. 

It's a beautiful film. I promise you'll enjoy it. We are all one people. Cuban-Americans. And proud of it.

I'll pick a winner randomly on Saturday evening, May 21 at 6 pm Pacific.

Now, come on....Tell me your Coming to America story.

Happy 20 de Mayo!