Kikita here.  Back in Cali and (mostly) recovered from my jet lag.

And smelling FABULOUS!

While I was still in Miami, I followed some nifty (yes, nifty) advice and took Mami and myself to Sentir Cubano in hopes of finding my much desired Cuban music.

Well, they did not have the coveted Cuban Music I was looking for (I had something very especific in mind), but they did have THIS:


Yes, the much sought after VIOLETAS!  There it was in all it's golden glory.  I swear I heard a choir of angels the moment I laid eyes on those beautiful bottles.

Then I paused.  It was too good to be true . . . I had thought these bottles always came in boxes . . . and the top was shorter, to twist off . . . Could it be?  NO!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!

Royal Violets in a PLASTIC bottle!


This beautiful plastic bottle I was holding in my hand is ESPRAY BOTTLE!  Like regular perfume!

I was beyond excited.  (Especially since now I didn't even have to face the Winn Dixie produce guy and see the offensive oranges)

I eventually found a record store and got my music, but it was kind of anti-climatic after finding a treasure like Royal Violetas in spray form at Sentir Cubano.

Thanks for the tip people, I couldn't have done it without you!