ONE time...


U2_at_mgm_cropped_1152005_12318_pmYes, that's us with Bono.
How cool are we?

Okay... not really.

Actually, that was at Madam Tussaud's in Las Vegas. But we were there, (in Vegas) to see U2.

We are huge U2 fans. HUGE.

In fact, when they were touring recently, for Eric's birthday I gave him tickets to see U2 in L.A.  For my birthday, he gave me tickets to see U2 in Vegas. =D
The L.A. show was on a Wednesday. The Vegas show was three days later. 

It was almost embarrassing. (almost =D)

And although it was the same tour (Vertigo), the venues were so completely different.  BTW, if you ever get a chance to see a concert at the MGM Grand, do it.  Plus at the Vegas show, Mary J. Blige joined Bono onstage for an AMAZING version of One. And that was seriously worth the price of admission. (see video clip below) At the MGM, there's not a bad seat in the house. The Staples Center is way too big, in my opinion. Nosebleeds are a real possibility there. ;-)

Anyway, it's no secret that we LOVE U2. In fact, Bono is on my (very short) list of Celebrities That Appear to be Decent Human Beings.

So, I get an email from my niece, Nicole, (with the following attached photo) who has just gotten back from Hawaii:

"Guess who was staying at our hotel and we happened to meet in the hotel restaurant??"



Tonight we'll be showing Rattle and Hum on the Big Screen in the backyard. (I can dream, can't I?)

NOTE to Bono:
Wish you were here... [sigh.]

Thanks, Nik.  No. No. Of course I'm not jealous.
I'm not. (sob, sob, whimper, sniff)