Tuesdays with the Millers

We have a standing beach date on Tuesdays.

Our friends, the Millers have two delightful young men, Josh and Chase, that happen to be the same ages as Lucy and Jonathan.

If you're a parent you know that one of the trickiest things about having your kids have friends over, is that you are not sure you will really get along with the parents. I mean, you'd like to, because you already have the our-kids-are-friends thing in common, but it can be.... well...tricky. (If you're not married with children, it's like meeting the boyfriend of an old friend and not being able to find what they see in them. See? Tricky, but that's not important right now.)

Back to my original story and the standing beach date.  It's the very best of all possible worlds. The kids love being in the water. Which gives us moms HOURS of uninterrupted gabbing time. Something we'd probably NEVER do in real life, but at the beach, what else is there to do?? See. Perfect.

The best part is catching them being themselves:
SC pic 4
While this very serious building work was going on we moms (Jana and I) did some time traveling. Yes, it wasn't that long ago our kids were doing this very thing. But weren't they about half their sizes then?

It never gets old. I could watch this Miller Building Circus all day long. Or at least every TUESDAY.
SC pic 3
Thanks, Guys!
SC pic 1 

I love my Summer Tuesdays! I know. Charmed.