Tormentillo turns 30!


Aren't they adorable?
This is my favorite group of girls EVER.
My daughters and their cousins, my nieces.

My dad used to say, "I always thought my daughters were the most beautiful women in the world . . . until they had daughters of their own."

I often think of him in relation to these girls. How he was so proud of each one. How he loved having them just sit next to him. How he called them each "China." (in Spanish it sounds like - CHEE-NAH)

Pb220819_2_2Except for one.

He would call her "Tormentillo." (TOR-MEN-TEE-YOH)
Yes, from the root word "torment,"
but we just call her . . . Nikki. =D

Happy Birthday, Nik!
Muchos Besos!

" This is Taki, Sophie, Carrie, Nick, Nick, Nick . . . Nick, Nick . . . Nick, Nick . . . Nikki . . . and I . . . am Gus."
      ~from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding