Happy Birthday to You! And you!

The following is a "dual-post." Meaning simply that Kikita did the first half while Marta did the second half. A lovely example of mother-daughter teamwork. ;-)

Kikita: Today is a very special day. I want to tell you about my favorite Tia, Carmen. She is the Quintessential Cuban Woman. She does it all and does it with class.

It's kind of a bummer for me that she lives all the way out in Texas, but what can I do?

I can text. She is one of my regular texting buddies. I love it. We catch up on family news, Cuba news, or no news at all. She is the one who likes to hear about my adventures in dancing and with my Cuban friends.

And today is her birthday. So instead of sending her a text, I thought I'd write about her . . .

Carmen @ wedding

But what can you say about someone is beyond words?

I know! Te quiero mucho, Tia! Felicidades!

Marta: My nephew, Rafa, has three adorable kids.  His first-born, The Adorable Alex is 5 today - I think it's so cool that he shares a birthday with my beautiful sister-in-law, (Happy Birthday, Carmen! Love you!!) but that's not important right now.

Five! What a magical birthday...

Do you know what I love the most about this age?

But I especially love that I'm not just "Auntie M" anymore - I'm Great Aunt Marti.  =D

Happy Birthday, Alex!