Counting the days . . . or making the days count?

Pc0315851_2 Today's advent activity:
Churros, Hot Chocolate and The Grinch.

I cannot even tell you how cool this whole calendar thing has been. There's already so much anticipation!
They've already established rules:

1) They open each box together.

2) No peeking ahead.

3) They immediately tell Amy and Adam what the activity will be and ask them to join us.

It's so awesome how it's making us focus, not just on the coming of Christmas, but on making some really great memories together and celebrating each day. 

I love that.

So, I made the churros and the hot chocolate (and took my bows =D).

And then we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Why that movie? (Because I'm a total dork, that's why. But that's not important right now. =D)

At the very end, and just before the credits, the director, Ron Howard, dedicates the movie to:

His mom, ". . . who loved Christmas the most."

(Shut. up. I really want to be that mom.)