Today. October 16, 2009

(Inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook by way of Ali Edwards.)

Outside my window...Serious sunshine. Purple and white cosmos in my garden almost as tall as me.

I am thinking...about that stack of recipes I have that I want to try. There are old-school bocaditos I want to make and a Flan Cake I have been itching to try. (I think today is that day.)

I am thankful for...the people who are in my life. I'm thankful that my 95-year old mom will be with us for the weekend. I'm thankful that my kids and my husband are here at home with me each day. I'm thankful for the many friends I've made online and and through homeschooling. I'm thankful for the wonderful opportunities opening to me.

From the kitchen... a turkey meatloaf that is to die for! (Luza doesn't eat beef.) A gorgeous yam and butternut squash pureé that I'm trying out before Thanksgiving. Three bags of apples that we picked in Julian on Monday that will go into applesauce, apple muffins, candy apples and of course, apple pies. =D

I am wearing...olive green tshirt and black jeans. White New Balance sneakers. (Amy says I date myself when I use the word 'sneakers' - Shut up.)

I am creating...a Halloween memory scrapbook. Which means I am up to my eyeballs in old Halloween photos. (My kids were so darn cute!)

I am the grocery store to buy fresh produce.

I am reading... You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson.

I am hoping... Eric's newest business venture will continue to be successful (it's going great so far).

I am hearing... the click-clacking of computer keys as everyone here is busy working on school and work. The sound of fans going (yes, it's hot again). Jonathan playing Ghost Riders in the Sky on his electric guitar. (This delights me to no end.)

Around the house... it happens to be clean today (thank you, Eric for the cleaning crew!) and there are ingredients waiting to be turned into magic in the kitchen. My heat press is out as I just finished a big project - 30 aprons for a local rehab program. My laundry is done! Jonathan has the makings for an elaborate stop-action Lego movie on his desk (which he can't do schoolwork on because it's covered in Lego activity, but that's not important right now). Lucy's piano keyboard is out. She's working on a score. Afternoon pot of coffee is just about done.

One of my favorite things...these photos on my desk. There are so many stories I still have to tell.

A few plans for the rest of the week... it's Friday and my mom is coming over for the weekend. My plans center around entertaining her and cooking which she is happy to join me in. Where the Wild Things Are is in theaters, so maybe on Sunday evening? Looking forward to going to San Diego next week to meet my blog-friend Cubanita in Colorado.

A picture to share...

Lucy green eyes
I like how her eyes match her sweater and that the expression on her face is sooo quintessentially Lucy.

Please feel free to join in. Tell me about your day. If you decide to write this on your own blog or on Facebook, please leave a comment with a link. Thanks!

Happy Friday.