Jonathan was only five years old when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occured in 2001.

We didn't have tv then either and chose not to tell him or Lucy (who was 8) about the attacks.

We would tell them later, we decided. When they were older and we could better explain the presence of evil in our world.

There would come a day we'd recall the horror and the heroism. We would tell them in detail about the hijackings. About those that died and the unprecedented bravery of New York's finest.

We had given them the "broad strokes" of that day as part of history lessons. But we knew there would come a day when we would tell them the whole story.

We would tell them the details of terrorism and patriotism.

One day, when they were old enough, we'd tell them everything.

Today was that day.

This day, like that fateful September day, is one I will NEVER forget.