To sleep, perchance to dream...

NOTE: The following is an unpaid testimonial.  I'm just a really satisfied consumer with a blog. =D

Did you know beds have a "shelf life?" 

I guess they tell you that somewhere in the literature as you're purchasing the bed in the first place, but you're probably so excited and happy to be getting a new bed that you don't look into the future and think to yourself, "hmm... in 10 years I'm going to have to be thinking of replacing this baby...."

But actually, when you start having trouble sleeping and are waking up with aches and pains and wondering every morning if you were somehow crippled overnight, your mental rolodex starts flipping through cards somewhere in your temporal lobe saying "Hey, it might be that your mattress is 10 years old."

Of course, you'll be way too fussy to believe that you may be having a coherent thought along those lines and thinking that maybe you're just getting old and are now sooo much more mature that you no longer find the need to sleep in - Ha! Sleeping In is such a childish thing!

We are so much more evolved now that we just pop right out of bed (well, really, it's mostly our aching joints that are popping, but that's not important right now).

But wait!
Your spouse starts complaining about the same things.  Out loud. (One guess as to which one of us is The Noisy Spouse.)

Which is how Eric and I found ourselves on a very recent Saturday afternoon, testing mattresses.

And you know, there is really only one way to test a mattress.....


So, which is weirder:

1) Spending an hour and a half in various prone positions while discussing the merits of a firm inner-coil with the mattress salesman?


2) Bringing your camera along and documenting the moment so that you can blog about it later?  =D

Custom comfort mattress
They delivered the bed within 30 minutes of our purchase (!) and I'm happy to report that ten days later we are sleeping better and waking pain-free.

And umm...we are suddenly rethinking the deliciously decadent, childish idea of Sleeping In.  ;-)
(Is that a bad thing?)

If you live in So Cal and need a new mattress, get yourself over to the Custom Comfort Mattress people right now!

(Great. Now that she's well-rested she's back to her old bossy self. =D)


"If people were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters". 

                                                                                      ~Author unknown, attributed to Jim Davis