Time warp


I know this clock says it's about 11:18, but I can't help thinking it's really 10:18. Or at least it was three days ago. Before Daylight Saving Time.  Now when I look at the clock I have to do the mental gymnastics it takes for me to adjust to today's time. SIGH. This whole time change thing makes me crazy. Seriously. Certifiably.

Do you know that Benjamin Franklin was the one who first suggested the idea? Who knew? So I work this fun fact into my American History lesson plan, but still, I can't help but get the feeling it's a conspiracy to mess with our collective minds.  Or, maybe it's just me?  I seriously can't help playing the "It's Really Only _____ O'clock" game.

In fact it takes me weeks to begin to trust the clock again. Because it's lying. Or it feels to me like it's lying. Because I can tell the real time by the light outside. And it's way earlier than 11:18. Much more like 10:18.

Then I get all rebellious. Because "springing forward" is really code for "losing an hour" and I just have a hard time with the loss.  So when 5:30 rolls around and I should be making dinner, I argue, "well, it's really only 4:30 and it's too early to make dinner."

So I end up procrastinating.

I think we ate around 8:00 o'clock last night (but you see, it was technically only 7:00, so it wasn't too late, but that's not important right now).

And then I don't want to go to bed.  Because if I go to bed according to the new time, I will probably just lay there for about an hour and then decide to get up because I can't sleep and so I read way too late into the night and finally when I do go to bed I'm so exhausted that I end up sleeping in, but then I think, "hey, it's not really 8:30, it's 7:30, so I'm golden."



Nobody else does this?



Anybody there?

Echo. . .