A time to PLAY

P7056564For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

It's Friday and I'm busy cleaning out my studio because I need more room to PLAY.
Last year I began some exercises in my art journal.
I decided to try new techniques, and learn new ways to express myself. 

On Tuesdays I would do a self-portrait and on Friday I showed what I was doing in the studio.
It was a very difficult thing for me.

P7056566First of all, I had to learn how to include myself in the book.
You'd be surprised.  It was so difficult for me to relax in front of a camera. You would never know I went on all those vacations and holiday gatherings with my family - I was always behind the camera.
The goal of these exercises was to get comfortable "just being" in front of a camera. The Studio Friday just gave me a way to share what project I was working on in my studio.  This was all before I started blogging. The exercises are just as relevant. Only now I find it easier to blog. =)

So here are some pages from my most intimate art journal. (BE KIND)
I played and I worked and I got comfortable in front of a camera.
Not only that, but because it was just meant for me, I got adventurous and a little fearless. I enjoyed the exercises immensely.
They are not scrapbooks, per se, but they do document change and creative growth over the last year of my life.

P7056565In my art journal I get to PLAY.
I try photoshop brushes, rubber stamps, decorative paper, sticker tape, tags, and lots of pictures of myself.

Because I think everyone should have a time and a place where they can just PLAY! =D

(it's in The Book) =D