P4173137Breakfast on the patio today.
I have found that my kids do better, think better and are more creative when they are allowed to wake up gradually.

I like that. They have a leisurely breakfast, usually with a good book in their hands.

We won't start formal schooling until around 10 am. And even then, we're pretty relaxed.  But I have also found that it is precisely when they are relaxed that they learn. Go figure.

Ask anyone who's ever felt hurried or pressured to get work done or get somewhere on time.  I don't know of anyone who functions well that way. Our goal has always been to create a climate of safety in which to learn and discover. We want them to feel they have time to think. We definitely don't want them worrying all the time about the ways they will fail.

You hear motivational speakers ask the question:
"What would you do in your life if you knew you could not fail?"

That question is already inherently built into our structure. They can't fail. And I don't mean that in a we-must-do-away-with-grades-to-preserve-their-self-esteem way.  They are learning to learn. They are learning that self-esteem comes when they do things that make them proud of themselves. Without grades and without applause. It becomes part of who they are.  Lucy and Jonathan start their day with good feelings and a sense of abundance.  Failure is NOT built into their days. 

P4142898 I compare them to the  little seedlings in the garden that I protect and care for.  I cover, water, feed ever so gently.  Those seedlings put down strong roots and the outcome is usually surprising and delightful.

As Thomas Edison (another homeschooled kid =D) so wisely said,
"There is time for everything."

I think he was quoting the wisest man who ever lived. =D