This is Wassup...

Last summer, I came across a Kickstarter Campaign for a not-yet-produced TV show called "Wassup en LA?" The theme was that a young Cuban American actor from Miami goes to Los Angeles to find fame and fortune. And his Cuban family, abuelos and all, follow and support him.

I clicked on the link, read the synopsis and and fell in love. You will recall that I wrote about it here.

If you know how Kickstarter works, you know that the project has to meet your fundraising goal by a pre-determined date to get the funds. Sadly, they did not meet their goal.

But something else magical and serendipitous happened. A faithful reader and follower of MBFCF in Sugarland, Texas (of all places!) stepped up and became the Executive Producer. Her production company is called Sugar Cube Productions. (Get it? Cuban? From Sugarland? Sugar Cube. Genius.)

After four years of sweat and toil and script writing and casting decisions, the day came when the pilot of Wassup En LA? got a green light for filming on March 23rd.

A few weeks before The Filming Day, I had a fabulous lunch (at Porto's Bakery, of course!) with the co-creators of the show, Rudolpho Zalez and Carlos de la Vega.

Mbfcf cookbook & wassup en la
They gifted me some cool Wassup gear. I gave them autographed copies of my cookbook. Win-Win.

During lunch they asked me: Did I have any Cuban-looking props they could use on the set?

Hello? My (freakishly small) house is one Big Cuban Prop. "Help yourselves."

Which is how a few of our household items ended up on the set of the TV home of the Diaz Family. How cool is that?

Cuban stuff

I have so much more to tell you about the show and how fabulous it was to watch the live taping and being part of a mostly Cuban studio audience. I promise I WILL BLOG ABOUT IT IN NAUSEATING DETAIL, but today's not that day.

For now, I just want you to just appreciate how accidentally awesome it is that a blogging Cuban mom in Mission Viejo wrote about a project that was seen by the movers and shakers in Texas (hello, Sugarland!) who actually brought the thing to fruition. Mind. Blown.

Makes me think that God's hand was in it somehow. And that makes me feel completely humbled, and sooo accidentally cool.

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