My girl is 30 years old today. Let me tell you about her...

Amy Kikita Hohneker

  1. She is the real deal.
  2. She has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen.
  3. She doesn't like to hear the word, "no."
  4. She has a raucous, distinctive, infectuous laugh.
  5. She feels things deeply.
  6. She is a fiercely loyal friend.
  7. She is tenacious.
  8. She is oh-so-very funny.
  9. She is stronger than she knows.
  10. She has tremendous passion.
  11. She is fantastically resilient.
  12. She is comfortable in her own skin.
  13. She can be fierce.
  14. She can be tender.
  15. She is more Cuban than anyone I know.
  16. She has amazing spirit.
  17. She is infuriatingly independent.
  18. She is much more creative than she admits to.
  19. She has a deep and steady faith.
  20. She is beautiful.
  21. She lights up a room when she walks in.
  22. She is warm and sincere.
  23. She is brave.
  24. She forges her own path.
  25. She says "Buenos Dias" and "Good Night."
  26. She can dance. Oh, can she dance!
  27. She plays a mean timbale.
  28. She celebrates. Often. And well.
  29. She is fearless.
  30. She is my first-born. My cubiche. My comrade-in-arms. My partner-in-crime. My friend.

Amy Jean Jelly Bean is thirty years old today. And there is much rejoicing in the land.

I love you, Mimi. Happy Birthday.



Amy & jon

From the Youngest to the Supreme Sibling,

"Amy's birthday is coming, make her something nice."

"Okay" said the youngest, "Something with Cuban spice?"

"No." said mom, (as she often does.)

"Write her a post." "Why?" "Because."

He thought long and hard, about what he could do.

"Miami Heat? Bananas? But she likes drums too."

What could he do, to make Amy happy.

A 'Happy Birthday' is good, but a little too crappy.

"Lucy!" He said, "What do I write?!"

"Post an awkward picture!" "She'll kill me!" "She might…"

"You need something with a theme!"

"Things you have in common?" "A MEME!"

"Early March", he remembered, is when the memes began.

"I need something tropical, perhaps A TOUCAN!"


No Jon. No. A Toucan is bad.

Happy Birthday Amy! I hope this makes you glad.



To Amy, my sister:

Adam melting

I'll stop the world and melt with you.



 My Big Fat List of Things That Remind Me Of Amy

('cuz Mom isn't the only one who's good at making lists!)

- - - FOOD AND DRINK (mainly desserty things) - - -

1. a really really delicious Coke.

2. Nutella (in a vat, of course)

3. Poptarts (the chocolate fudgey kind)

4. Popcorn (but only with...)

5. ...M&Ms

- - - RESTAURANTS - - -

6. Ruby's (for indifferent days)

7. Mimi's (for happy evenings)

8. Pick Up Stix (for party nights)

9. Gulliver's (for Christmas only)

10. McDonald's (for lazy weekend sleepovers)

Amy Collage

- - - MUSIC - - -

11. The Surprisingly Good Pussycat Song

12. One of Our Many Car Dancing Songs

13. Remember That Time You Tried to Teach Me Spanish With This Song

14. Best Concert Ever

15. The Smiling Song

- - - TV SHOWS - - -

16. New Girl

17. Smash

18. Our Secret Donut Show (!)

19. The Gilmore Girls

20. The One Feat. Jeff and the Giggle Loop

- - - THE BEST TIMES  - - -


21. Everytime we've texted each other the "reminds me of you" songs

22. The walks we take around the Lago.

23. That time we drove to that one place.

24. Laughing about everything (ermahgerds, food towels, drive-thru moments, and all the rest)

25. Sharing our music, our books, our jewelry and our time.



26. She buys children's picture books because they're awesome.

27. She makes me laugh so hard that I sound stupid.

28. She gets me.

29.We have a secret language (all the best sisters do).

30. "You may be my half-sister, but I still whole love you!"



Love, Loop.

P.S. This is only small handful compared to the 30,000 memories we have together. But I thought they made for a nice reminder that I love ju bery bery much. ;-)