Thinking of you

The Hallmark people are so clever.
You can pretty much get a card for just about any occasion. 
So if you're thinking of someone, you get them a "thinking of you" card and sign it and send it off. The recipient opens it and thinks, "Ah, someone's thinking of me."
It's a very sweet exchange all around.

However, I think I can one-up Hallmark today. This is one of my very favorite things about blogging. I can pay tribute to a friend and say "thinking of you" in a broader arena.

Here's my friend, Gene. Of The Train Report (which we still get regularly, but that's not important right now), who is celebrating a birthday today. "Hi, Pastor Gene!"

Thanks to unlimited texting, our wonderful friend, Gene, has taken "thinking of you" to the next level.

A few years ago, Eric went to see The Moody Blues in concert with a friend and sent a video-text to Gene. Ever since then, we will randomly receive from photos like these:
Translation: Thinking of you.
It always makes us smile. Thanks, Gene!

And of course, we still get a regular train report from the town of Hanford, California (is it a city yet??).
Here's the New and Improved Train Report for 2008:

Hallmark can stand to learn a thing or two from our good friend and his fabulous sense of humor. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Gene.

We love you and we're thinking of YOU today. =D