They were made to be broken...

P8017184I have rules.  Serious unbreakable rules.

Rule #1 - I only eat ice cream if the temperature goes over 95°.

Rule #2 - I will not be photographed eating food, particularly ice-cream.

Rule #3 - I will not post pictures of myself eating food, particularly ice-cream, online.

So, umm... here is a picture of me eating ice-cream when it was only 85° and umm... I just posted it online.

Because, if I'm honest, I will tell you that I'm not really a "rule keeper," but I like to think I have some structure in my life.  I also like to think I have a certain amount of dignity (yes, I am aware of my tendency to be delusional).  And that, at my (advanced! =D) age, I should really care more about how I am perceived.

Technically, I do have one more rule...

Rule #4 - Don't take myself too seriously.

(Actually, that one is set in STONE. =D)