They just don't make 'em like that anymore

Did I mention that my mom is in Miami again? That's right. My 94 year old mother. In Miami. For the summer. (sheesh!)

She's spending the summer with her two brothers - one older, one younger. She'll be staying through July so she can attend my nephew, Michael's wedding.

We had a scare about a week ago because her heart rate dipped down below normal and she had to spend the night in the hospital. So, I'm FREAKING here because we're 3,000 miles away and she's taking it all in stride. They were great there, she reported. So nice and they treated her like a queen, she said. No need to bother, she said. She's just fine. She felt like she was staying in a hotel. Kind of a nice break from her brother's house. (sheesh!)

Meanwhile, I'm still struggling with my back trying to keep it in alignment and visiting my chiropractor and trying to bum codeine from anyone I happen to know who has recently had oral surgery...
"Your 18 year old son had his wisdom teeth pulled?? Cool. Does he have any pain meds to share?" (I know. Sad. Pathetic. I'll call Betty Ford tomorrow. =D)

Anyway, so I'm feeling really old, as only back pain can make you feel, when I receive this (sobering) picture from my cousin, Maria in Miami. It seems my mom and uncles were out partying. Partying! She got over that whole pesky hospital-stay-thing pretty quickly. (sheesh!)

This is what OLD looks like in my family:
Fernando,Luza, Timbi

Tio Fernando (97), my mom, Luz (94), Tio Timbiriche (88).
(if you're doing the math, that's 279 years collectively!)


(Codeine?  Anyone....? SIGH.)