A Conundrum

P4273310There's nothing I love more than looking out my kitchen window and seeing my roses in bloom. Nothing. (Okay, well, maybe the smell of garlic and onions cooking. But that's not important right now.)
When we first moved into this house, I would look out at nothing-but-green and picture colorful roses along the side and back fences.  I swear.  I could visualize it perfectly.  And so, we planted the roses and my vision became a reality.  Love that.
But here's the problem:
I also love having fresh roses from my garden on the table.
But I love seeing them in bloom and I am reluctant to trim them.
But what a beautiful bouquet they create and the Double Delights are so amazingly fragrant.
But look how gorgeous all that color looks when you see it from the kitchen window.
But after they open, they need to be trimmed out.


That word makes me think of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead. And ok, I really was kind of a Deadhead back in the 70's. But I'm not a liberal or a pot-head, and, come to think of it, I never really did like tie-dye all that much.  (But that's not important right now, either.)

I really hate to remove all that fabulous color.
See how torturous this is for me?
A Conundrum.
I have finally begun to make peace with the process. 
Fridays are the day I deadhead the roses.

And sometimes I listen to Sugar Magnolia while I'm pruning. =D