There's always a ringleader...

I'm pretty sure it was my idea. (I say this because I have A LOT of pictures from that era of people stacked on top of each other in various formations, but that's not important right now.)

"Hey, let's make a human pyramid! You guys get down on the ground like this and ....."

SBHS pyramid 71051

They did it.
That's me up on the right - we made the headbands from crepe paper. It wasn't a fashion thing. It was just a really-fun-and-silly-teenage thing. The yearbook photographer captured this moment for posterity. 

I'm going to my 35 year class reunion tonight. 
(Yes, I'm that old. Shut up. =D)

Can't wait to see the adult version of these people. 
And, yes, I'll be sure to ask about the status of their backs.  ;-)