Guess who's coming to dinner?

There I was, minding my own business, when I received an email with the subject line reading:
British TV Programme.

My spam filter did not strain it, and even though I didn't recognize the name of the sender, I was intrigued and opened it anyway.

It was from the producer of a TV Series for a Celebrity Chef from the UK who is looking to visit 8 states in America to "....explore the food, culture and community there." 

I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to say anything about this, and just in case it's supposed to be Top Secret I won't mention his real name here, but let's just say it rhymes with Ramie Toliver.

How adorable is he-who-shall-remain-nameless-for-the-moment?

This producer for umm..... Bamie Moliver was interested in maybe doing a story about Cuban food and was wondering if I could help point her in the right direction.

So, we exchanged a few emails where I suggested Florida (duh!), New York and California.  She told me that umm.... Mamie Doliver was hoping to come to California to focus on.... wait for it.....

CUBAN FOOD! (I know! Shut up!)  

A portion of one of her emails reads as follows:

"I am looking to explore the Hispanic community and also find a story based around Cuban food and an interesting character that can help us do this. Jamie's (oops!) programmes look at food within a social context and the Cuban food story within LA would be an interesting one to consider.

We are wanting to move away from big restaurants and get in with real people within the community who can show Jamie (oops, again!) the reality of life and not just a tourist's perspective.
Any thoughts, please do let me know."

(emphasis mine.)

So, I did what any self-respecting Cuban cook would do in a case like this, I invited Celebrity Chef umm.... Pamie Foliver over to my house to enjoy a meal with my big, fat, Cuban family. =D

The producer's reply (read with a British accent):

"That could be fun! and certainly something I will think about, although we will probably be full on in LA and might not have the time to come down, anyway, will have a think."

Hear that, kids?  Jamie Oliver I mean, Kamie Woliver (be still, my wildly-beating Cuban heart) may be coming to my house for a Cuban meal!

Okay, so I know it's not definite, but still.... I guess I'll have to "have a think" about what to serve if he is able to make it. 

Any suggestions? 

(I didn't give anything away, did I?)  ;-)


Speaking of Cuban food...

Martas kitchen logo 1 copy-1 

Have I mentioned that I make a mean Arroz con Leche?  (Cuban Rice Pudding) 

Come check out that recipe today (after 11am Eastern) on Babalú blog.