The Hilarity Never Ends

P4152941When Amy and Adam were in high school and they would come home and tell me about their day, inevitably they would tell me about the FUNNIEST thing that happened. Everything was just SO FUNNY. And they LAUGHED SO HARD.
So I used to say, "Well, you know. . . in high school, the hilarity NEVER ENDS."  And that has become a regular saying around here.
It's more like a statement/response. One person says, "The hilarity..." and the response is "...never ends."

I've heard that if you say some P4152946things long enough you begin to believe them. But, can I just say something here? Seriously. At our house, the hilarity. . . (insert auto-response here).

There were 22 people here yesterday. Not all at the same time. They came and went. Some parents stayed for a while.
My mom was here. She just likes to watch the show.
Adam and Amy had complete control over the nine junior high kids. And they played improv games all afternoon.

Adam barbecued hamburgers for the masses. And loved the feeling P4142921of having absolute power as he condescended to play with his adoring minions. =D

Eric and I kept in the background. I planted flowers, kept the food on the table, cleared cups, and translated the games for my mom.

I trimmed roses, rotated more food onto the table, did a load of laundry, jumped in and played a game with them myself, and started dinner.

I hosed down the front porch, put the desserts on the table, washed some dishes, and did another load of laundry.

I took my mom to the market to buy produce and found some beautiful strawberries. I got home washed and put them in a bowl for the mass consumption.

P4142889I picked up stray plates and cups and started chopping onions and peppers for dinner. And making notes because I was trying out a new recipe.

Most of the kids were picked up by their parents, but I still had to drive two of them home before dinner time.

Amy most graciously took my mom with her.

What I learned from my day was this:

THE HILARITY, just like housework, NEVER ENDS.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. ;-)