The Train Report

The train tracks in the central California town of Hanford run directly through the middle of town.
Most times during rush hour traffic.
Every day on his way to Panera, my friend, Gene gets stuck waiting for the train to pass.
Every day I get to enjoy 15 seconds of pure comedy provided by Gene and the train via my cellphone.
We call it The Train Report.
I'm already laughing when my phone signals that I have a new video waiting.

Pb298514 I have written before about my love and affection for my friends, Gene and Pam, whom I've had the privilege to know for over 30 years now.
Gene is a wonderful pastor in the central California town of Hanford.  I get his sermons each week on cd and it's pretty cool because he teaches the Bible line by line, and (gratefully!) he's an amazing Bible teacher.

It's Pastor Gene's birthday today, so in his honor, I'd like to share a little of what I get to enjoy every day.

Here's a week of 15 second train reports...
Happy Birthday, Gene, my friend. =D

Just sharing your pain.
(Hey! That rhymes with train!)  ;-)