The Taming of the Do - Part 1

DISCLAIMER: The following post may sound like a commercial for different hair products, but it's not really. I just added the photos and links because I'm a giver.  ;-)

Hair products are a big thing at our house.

We have to have different kinds of shampoos and things because all of our hair types are so different.

Lucy just got her long, waist-length hair cut and is sporting this adorable do:
Lucy & her do

She swears by this:
Hair products 2  
It's called it's a 10 miracle leave-in product. Our hairdresser, Kate, turned us on to it. It totally does what it says it will do.  Seriously great stuff.  (Thanks, Kate!)

Jonathan LOVES having curly hair. (This is just before I made him get it cut. He insisted I document this for posterity. "It's totally EPIC, Mom!" =D)
Jon hair 

He uses a combination of things to keep the curl from getting too wild:
Hair products 1
The Schwarzkopf got2b glued is a water-proof type-gel (totally affordable at $4.95 a tube at Target). Keeps those curls nice and smooth. (Thanks to Isaac for the tip!)

My sister-in-law, Michelle got me hooked on this for taming the frizzies:
Hair products 4
Sabino Hair Solutions Moisture Block. Killer stuff. Especially if you're in a humid area. Totally works.

When we were growing up, my sisters and I used to set our hair ("setting" meant sectioning off the wet hair, gooping stuff on to it so it would "hold" and rolling each portion onto a hard plastic tube called a curler and then.... I don't think I can totally explain the drama of this process....I guess you just had to live it...*sigh*) with Dep or Dippity-Do. (I think they brought these products back when the whole hair-spiking thing started happening, but that's not important right now.)

In February, when my sister Alina was in Mexico (along with the rest of the fam) for Nicole's wedding, she was completely beside herself when she found the following hair products at the local drugstore:
Gorilla snot

Yes. That says "Gorilla Snot."  (Eeeww!)
Right next to its first cousin, "Camel Drool." (Double eeeww!)
Camel drool

Shut up. I KNOW. I wish I was making this up. Isn't that crazy-awesome? Or as Jonathan would say...

"That's EPIC!"  =D

The following commercial dramatizes the Classic Ancient Ritual of  "hair setting."

Thanks, Alina! This one's for you: