The Taming of the Do - The Movie

Hi. I’m Marta and I have naturally curly hair. (“Hi, Marta.”)

I know my hair looks smooth and straight in all the photos you've ever seen of me, but that's because I go through great pains and pay big bucks to get it done.

And I realized as I was writing this that I started straightening it about a year before I started blogging. So you won't see me here on my blog with my original curly hair.

Today, I tell the story about my hair insecurities and my ongoing struggles to tame my Naturally Curly Hair over at the Tiki Tiki.

Kate & me

Here's my amazing hairdresser, Kate Berry, who straightened my hair a lá Brazilian Blowout. We documented all the fun and made a short film.

Please enjoy:

Marta Meets the Brazilian Blowout. (You should go get some popcorn.)

It's fabulous, no? =D

Freida hair