The Obsession Continues . . .

Kikita here. I'm sure you are wondering why I've hijacked the blog so consistently this week . . . well, the first reason is because I've done so many cool things . . . Helloooo Andy! But the other reason is that Mami went to Vegas this weekend so she was busy getting ready for her mini-viaje. I'm sure that she will have some great posts when she gets back; in the meantime, the Andy obsession continues . . . ;-)

One of our faithful readers sent us some pictures of his kids trick-or-treating and gave me permission to share them with you . . . Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but you're going to love this!


Yes, that's George Lopez. In case you didn't know, we consider him cool because he's married to a Cubana. =D


That's not all. Here is the REAL "treat" . . .


Ladies and gentleman, ANDY GARCIA in full Cuban glory! Cigar and Drink in hand!
(no, we're not sure who the witch is other than very lucky to be in the presence of royalty)

George Lopez AND Andy Garcia! What a combo!

(Thanks for sharing, George! Will you take me with you next Halloween?)

Andy, we love you!